São Miguel do Gostoso is a quiet village a hundred kilometers north of Natal, where the BR101 – one of the most scenic roads in the world – has its origin.

In the last years the village has started attracting visitors  from all over the world. São Miguel can easy be reached from International Airport Aluízio Alves and yet it still remains unspoiled from mass tourism. Its unique position offers the visitors the possibility to enjoy  a holiday filled both with relax and sport, nature and fun.

Small bars and little shops make the village an interesting place to visit. In the colourful and lively streets visitors can enjoy  the juice of a fresh coconut in front of the sea or listen to some live music at night.


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The wild beauty of the forest and the white beaches will appeal to the nature-loving visitors.  Walking on the seashore visitors can find themselves in unexpected coves where the Ocean and the sand create blue, warm pools where to lie and relax in the sun. Turtles come to our beaches to nest and it is not at all infrequent to see little monkeys climb on the coconut trees of the Mata.

São Miguel do Gostoso is blessed with the perfect climatic conditions: the weather is sunny and warm while a constant ventilation keeps the heat at bay throughout all the year.

Many visitors come during the winter months but São Miguel do Gostoso and its surrounding can be enjoyed all year long.

The winds, the  white beaches and the warm sea are known and appreciated all over the world, in particular by those who love to windsurf and kitesurf. Many internationally renown surfers have made São Miguel do Gostoso their second home. Excellent surf schools can offer basic or advanced courses and, if needed, surf gear can be rented directly on the beach.

Here in São Miguel do Gostoso visitors will find just what they are looking for.